Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week 4

There have DEFINITELY been changes in Tyler. His conversations have improved by leaps and bounds, although I know that we are still just getting a tip of the ice burg. Tonight he said something that made me want to a) Leap for joy, b) Laugh at him (it was funny!), c) Cry, d) All of the above.

This week we'll add Mineral Rich by Maximum Living. I've been anticipating this one since this one tends to help with several different SI behaviors. Dianne Craft says, "Mineral Rich helps tremendously for children with 'SI' symptoms, Sensory Processing problems (loud noises bother them, transitions are hard, picky eater, tags bother them, chewing on clothes, socks have to be just right, etc)." This supplement is high in magnesium, which is nature's tranquilizer. It should also help with his constipation problem.

I'm also encouraged that he is understanding that he can't have milk. Tonight we were talking about my husband's upcoming birthday. Tyler asked if ice cream has milk in it! I told him that this was a very good question, and that while most ice cream does have milk, I had bought some ice cream with no milk just for him. We then went on to have a conversation (two-sided conversation!!!) about what to do if someone offers him food and what he needs to say to be sure that it's OK to eat! This time last year this type of conversation would NOT have been happening. I might have tried to tell him such things, but it would have been far from a two-sided conversation.

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