Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dining Out

Today is DH's birthday so we celebrated by experiencing our first dining out experience with food challenges! We went to Longhorn Steakhouse, which has a gluten free menu, but other than that did not list any other allergens.

I let the waiter know right off the bat that we would be difficult people when he brought the bread and I asked if it had milk in it. He was very nice and even brought me the label off the box so that I could be sure. He also checked with the manager about the chicken tenders (they had breaded and grilled on the kids menu). Tyler ended up with a hamburger without a bun (he wasn't sure and couldn't find out) and fries. The meal also came with a couple slices of an orange. When Tyler saw that he immediately asked, "Does orange have milk in it?" I smiled and told him no. I heard the waiter chuckle a bit, so I don't think he was too put out by all the extra work we were putting through. We did give him a bit extra on tip since he really was quite helpful :-) Overall, I was glad that we were at a place like Longhorn Steakhouse instead of Applebees since I didn't think that those servers would have as much time or patience to answer all of my questions!

After that we came home and had a cookie cake and ice cream!

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