Monday, November 8, 2010


We finished our homestudy!!! Now we just have to wait for them to finish the paperwork so we can be licensed. We found out that to be licensed as foster care we could only have 1 additional child. Since we went into this thinking a sibling group we were rather disappointed, so we decided to keep with our original plan and go with matched adoption. This means it may take longer to find our children, but once they come in the door we'll know that the are ours.

We are beginning to consider doing a little bit of fundraising for some of our expenses. One kind of fundraiser that I'm considering is asking business to donate items to us, then selling the items on my blog. My blog doesn't get much traffic so I would need my friends to help advertise on FB for me!

So for now I've emailed 3 friends that make things to sell and asked if they are interested in the idea. Does anyone know of some other people that may be interested?


Melissa said...

I know you're not local any more, but I can do breads, spiced nuts, sweet nuts (they both ship well), or homemade cocoa tins. I can also do a Silpada fund raiser if you want to do a catalog show. You would get my commission and I would get your host benefits. Let me know - I'm all over helping with stuff like this! Another idea I got from CafeMom was to offer little care bags that were going to go to the wounded warrior program. The people donating paid $xx and then the goodies (cookies and a teddy bear, mostly) were given to the wounded warriors. I'll see if I still have the link to send your way!

Amy said...

I can't really do anything, but I can watch children! You could say that if they use us as their babysitting for the night, then the babysitting fees would be given to you! Would that work? You might present this idea to the teens of our church as well.

Tiff said...

I can make flannel burp rags or crayon rolls.

Crystal said...

I can make a baby rag quilt.