Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Our first fundraiser has started! From now until December 5th order candles at www.CandlesAreLove.com and enter the code "2010" at checkout. I'll also be taking orders directly for the scents listed below. If you want to be sure that your order will be here by Christmas I recommend ordering online since I'll be gone the weeks immediately prior to Christmas. Thank you for considering supporting us!

Mia Bella Gourmet Products

We want to thank you for supporting the Prather Family and Their Adoption Journey!

Mia Bella Candles are proud to be made in the USA

Natural Gourmet Scented Candles - $20 each

Our 16 oz jar candles are clean burning with no black mess.

The scents are infused throughout entire candle and will not fade.

Choose from our top selling scents and enjoy in your home or to give as a gift.

Mia Bella Scent Description

  1. Apple Cinnamon – ripe apples sprinkled with cinnamon
  2. Baby Powder – “new baby” smell so pure and innocent.
  3. Christmas Pine – the wonderful Christmas tree aroma of the holiday season
  4. Cr̬me Brulee Рa rich sweet butterscotch fragrance
  5. Cucumber Melon – fresh and cool smelling like a breath of fresh air
  6. Eucalyptus – refreshing, invigorating but also calming and comforting
  7. French Vanilla – a creamy confection with a strong vanilla scent
  8. Fresh Linen – clean clothes fresh from the dryer describes this scent
  9. Heart of the Ocean – fresh clean smell like an ocean breeze
  10. Home For Christmas – hints of cinnamon and cloves to spice up your holiday season
  11. Hot Apple Pie – so much like the real thing your family will think you’re baking
  12. Lavender – aromatic, relaxing fragrance of crisp English lavender
  13. Mulberry Spice – strong scent of spice and dark red mulberry fruit
  14. Pumpkin Cheesecake – rich creamy blend of cheesecake and pumpkin
  15. Rain – just like after a rainstorm
  16. Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper – our most popular fragrance – a zingy, zesty orange-eee smell you will never forget. Perfect for any season
  17. Victorian Rose – light perfume smell of roses


Michelle said...

can you see what shipping them to singapore would be?


I'm the Momma said...

I emailed the consultant but it looks like the company only ships to the US and Canada. If I ordered it and shipped it to me then it would cost about $30 for 1 16oz candle. It would only be about $14 for the small flat rate mailers, but that would hold the melts....and maybe the votives.

I'm the Momma said...

The consultant emailed and said that the company won't ship to you but we can. You can either paypal the money to me or give your credit card number to my consultant. I think you could probably get 2-3 16 oz candles in the box for $30.