Thursday, September 11, 2008

Canadian Doctors Group Worried Palin Example Will Lower Down's Abortion Rate

I have no words after reading this:

TORONTO, September 10, 2008 ( - U.S. vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin's loving and highly-publicized acceptance of her Down's syndrome child Trig has some Canadian doctors worried that her example may lead to mothers shunning abortion after diagnosis of Down's syndrome.

Dr. Andre Lalonde, executive vice-president of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC), told the Globe and Mail yesterday, "Palin's decision to keep her baby, knowing he would be born with the condition, may inadvertently influence other women who may lack the necessary emotional and financial support to do the same."

"The worry is that this will have an implication for abortion issues in Canada," he said.

Under the facade of "freedom to choose", Lalonde said that "popular messages" about women like Palin, who choose not to kill their unborn children, "could have detrimental effects on women and their families."

"We offer the woman the choice. We try to be as unbiased as possible," Lalonde said. "We're coming down to a moral decision and we all know moral decisions are personal decisions."

Detrimental? Are you kidding me? How is allowing your child to live detrimental? Here is a great article with the other side of the story.
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Faerylandmom said...

I don't have any words either...

Tiffany said...

If they claim to be unbiased, how do they justify their concern that women might make the mistake of protecting their child's life?