Monday, September 29, 2008


About every other week I make a batch of bread for my family. I thought I'd invite you along to watch :-)

First I gather all of the ingredients:

Don't forget the fresh wheat!

Then I put the wheat in my grinder. While that is grinding I melt the butter, heat the water, and get everything else ready

Mmmm....freshly ground flour!

Mix it all together in the Bosch mixer until it starts pulling away from the sides

Mix for 5 minutes

Divide into 5 equal portions. You could just wing it. I'm picky enough that I like to weigh it.

Use oil and shape into loaves

Place into a well greased pan

If I do it right then the bowl comes out clean!

Allow loaves to raise for 30 minutes

I freeze two portions for pizza dough later in the week

Ready for the oven!

Hot fresh bread!

I use an electric knife so I get nice, even slices

Ready to eat or for the freezer!

I started at 2:20 and pulled the bread out of the oven at 3:50. That's the beauty of the Bosch!

I've also used the dough to make hamburger buns, cinnamon rolls and cinnamon bread!


Dittmeier said...

I am utterly, terribly jealous!

Amy Mantooth said...

So jealous! I apparently am the only homeschooler around who doesn't make their own bread. It was very encouraging to hear that it didn't take very long. What is the recipe?

Military Crunchy Mama said...

The reason that it doesn't take very long is because it's the gluten develops with the powerful Bosch mixer. Bread made by hand takes 3-4 hours

Stephanie said...

Your bread looks amazing!

And some of us are patiently waiting for your next Before and After project.... :)

BankingPennies said...

Wow. I have never seen a machine like that nor seen people make such beautiful loaves.

You will see me around a bit on your feeder. I plan on reading your archives.