Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This month's theme for Works for Me Wednesday is What-DOESN'T-Work For Me. So here we go:

  1. Coupons-I know this goes against most everything frugal, but I have never found cutting coupons to be a money saving thing for me. If I use them heavily then I buy stuff I don't need and actually spend more money then if I hadn't used them. If I only use what I would have bought anyway then I barely save enough to make buying the paper worth it.
  2. Cry it out-Doesn't work for me and my babies. If I'm upset, do I want to be left alone to cry?
  3. Sewing-I wish it worked for me. Maybe it will one day. But for now the patterns are just plain confusing
  4. MySpace-I much prefer blogspot
  5. Hospitals for giving birth-Home is what I love!
  6. Haggling-I'm no good at it
  7. South Texas Heat-Nuff said
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Kristen & Dave said...

Kim, I used to feel the same way about coupons, and its still hit-or-miss for me w/ couponing for groceries. But couponing saves me tons of money at CVS, where I now get almost all our our family toiletries for free, or close to free. And the savings way more than pay for the newspaper, since I generally get around $50-$60 in toiletries and household goods each money from CVS, and spend maybe $5-10 out of pocket.

Military Crunchy Mama said...

I'm anxious to check out CVS! I've seen several places where you can save money there! I checked the website and there are no stores within a 200 mile radius. I'm pretty sure at this point that the money saved at the store wouldn't outweigh the gas prices :-)

Kristen & Dave said...

and that was supposed to say "each month", above, not "each money". probably need more coffee ;-)