Friday, June 11, 2010


I figured that it was high time that I put this blog to use again. Due to many life changes (i.e. hubby exiting the military) I thought about just starting a new blog. But...I couldn't find any open domain names that I liked! It is my personal opinion that if you started a blog back in 2007 and only posted once that blogspot should remove your blog from their system. But that's just me...

So, the URL is incorrect but I changed the title to make it all better :-)

Before I get into my new blog name, I thought I should update you with the last appointment that Tyler had before we moved. He had a 5 hour appointment with a Pediatric Neuro-Psychologist. After all of the testing, evaluating, and filling out of many forms they have determined that Tyler has a speech and language delay. Basically, it's what we already knew. The frustration was that the appointment didn't tell us anything new. The good thing is that the appointment didn't tell us anything new. What I mean is that there isn't some extra random piece of the puzzle that we need to account for. So, we will continue to homeschool and work with Tyler to help him develop to the best of HIS abilities.

Now, on to our announcement! To make it easier, I'll just paste the email that I sent to a few people:

We have always wanted to adopt. Prior till now it was not the right time or place. We believe that we are now at the time and place to go forward with adoption. We are currently working with an agency in our state to adopt a sibling group from the foster care system.

While we haven't been matched with our children yet, we have stated that we want the oldest of the sibling group to be younger than Tyler. We hope to go for a matched adoption, but we may end up with a legal-risk adoption, which simply means that the parental rights haven't been terminated yet. We will complete our paperwork and training at the beginning of August so we should be approved by the end of October. From that point it is just a matter of time until our case worker finds the right kids for us.

We welcome any questions that you may have for us.....I'm sure you have many :-) Please know that we have been in prayer about this and have been looking/researching for many years. This is not a decision that we have taken lightly or that is being led by emotions. We know that this is not an easy road or something that can be done halfheartedly. Our commitment to our children will be the same across the board, though we know that this will require a lot more work from us, especially in the beginning.

We pray that you will see these children as part of our family as much as Tyler, Andrew, Melia and Eliana are. We ask for your love, prayer and support.


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Luv2bhsmama said...

That is so cool! I am amazed at how many people are looking into adoption. We also have wanted to since we were first married. We too are looking into the foster adopttion option. We will pray for you guys!!

Sanders said...

so excited for you guys! praying the Lord blesses!