Thursday, May 21, 2009


Since we will be starting a new path with Tyler in June we had decided to take him off the supplements/vitamins that the chiropractor had put him on so that his body would be in it's natural state at the beginning of the program. He hasn't taken his vitamins for about a week. Wednesday night he had a MAJOR meltdown. One that left me with my eyes wide open trying to figure out what happened. It happened again twice yesterday. These thing used to happen frequently but had disappeared in the last 6-7 months. I remember back in October telling the chiropractor that Tyler had started to have a meltdown but he was able to be reasoned with rather quickly. At the time I attributed it to the changes we had made but part of me always wondered if I was looking for things to be different. After the last couple of days I can say with certainty that something that we were doing was helping. After the second meltdown last night I had him take a B-6 and an Omega-3. We'll see how he does today...

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