Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Baby Sitters

I was recently reading some blog posts where someone had asked how much they should pay a baby-sitter. One person responded with this, a baby-sitter rate calculator. I was shocked. Floored. Speechless. I have never paid a baby-sitter anything close to the rate that it says that I should. Granted, most of the baby-sitters I hire are younger than 17 (the youngest age possible in the calculator), but I tend to think that I'm not off the hook that easily. The interesting thing is that I searched for the rate in my little hometown in Indiana that I grew up in. Instead of the $13.75/hr rate that I would have to pay here, it's only $6/hr!

Conclusion: I need to find another family that is willing to do baby-sitting swaps if I ever want to go out on a date with my husband again.


Hope said...

Hey Kim, it's Hope. There's a good chance I'm moving back to Baltimore when I'm done here in Israel. If I do, I'll totally babysit for you for cheap, and anniversaries are free!

Faerylandmom said...

Yeah, I should have warned you...sitters go for about $5/hour/child in DC. Even for the 13 year old I used for Durin when he was teeny.

We did a lot more swapping there than we do here! Reminds me...I have friends in Gaithersburg I think you'd Gaithersburg near you? I forget.