Sunday, June 8, 2008


Tiffany asked what I meant by the "Crunchy" in my name. Crunchy is a term that I heard a while back to describe people who live a more natural life style compared to the mainstream. Here is a fun quiz to find out how crunchy you are :-) I scored a 160=Super Nutty, Ultra-Crunchy, Granola Earth Mama!

I wanted to add a disclaimer here. I don't say this as a more-holier-than-thou kind of thing. I am using the term "crunchy" to describe how I am trying to live my life. But I certainly have no problem with a few convenience foods every now and then. Nor do I think that you're a bad person if you buy disposable diapers. This is what works best for my family at this point in our lives. I would like to be able to afford more organic/natural food items, but right now I'm taking the more frugal route with our grocery budget.

I guess that's the ironic thing to me. Much of the things that are considered "crunchy" I started because they were frugal to me (cloth diapers, making things from scratch, etc). I do homebirths because I much prefer being at home with a midwife than going into a hospital to a Dr I've never seen before. To me it's about as close to ensuring a safe birth as possible!

Must run for now! The kids are back from the playground so I need to find something for them to do in this tiny space :-)


Kristen & Dave said...

I scored a 112, not as crunchy as you.

Tiffany said...

Ah man. I only got a 98. I thought for sure making my own dipes would get me big points!

Faerylandmom said...

I got a 132. Right about where I expected. Guess what? I'm making my own wipes today...out of some ugly flannel I'll never use for anything else, and was given to me. Might as well use it to wipe poo. :-)

liz said...

Thanks for the link. I honestly didn't really know what "crunchy" meant until now. Aparently I am semi-crunchy. I think my score was 112 or something like that.

Found your site on Frugal Hacks. Good luck with your PCS if you haven't done so already.